COVID-19 + distance learning = homeSCHOOL+

Today’s parents are in an impossible position. Many work full-time jobs (alongside their full-time parenting) but now have to assume a new role: teacher.

The current global pandemic has forced almost all schools around the nation to shift to distance learning. 2nd graders read chapter books on Zoom, eighth graders are learning the Pythagorean theorem from their bedrooms, and college seniors celebrated their last lecture ever online. To say this is unprecedented is an understatement.

And it hasn’t been easy on any parties involved. I work for empowerED as one of Nicole’s tutors and want to reflect on observations I have made through my experience. 

I tutor a thirteen-year-old girl every day for an hour over Zoom. Let’s call her Kaitlin. She first contacted empowerED because she fell behind in her school work since the beginning of distance learning.

Kaitlin’s story is that of millions of students right now. Besides not being a morning person, no compulsory attendance of a school day, and some personal issues, it is near impossible for her to get up for a 9am Zoom lecture. Missing these lectures as she’s adjusted has caused her to fall behind in her assignments. 

She’s not the only one struggling. Her parents, too, are at a loss for how to help. How do you find time to motivate your eighth grader, who’s struggling in school and going through normal teenage pains, when you also work a full-time job?

There’s no good answer to this. Unfortunately, there’s no expiration date on a global pandemic. We aren’t sure how long this online learning may last, which means it’s time to make long-term plans for your children’s academic success. Plans that don’t require you to give up any of your career.

It’s time for homeSCHOOL+.

Based on the current state of the world, parents are considering alternative options to the recent models of distance learning. Current online learning isn’t catered to your individual student’s needs, but thankfully homeSCHOOL+ is. We’ll work with you to design an academic program taking into consideration your child's academic strengths and weaknesses . For Kaitlin, this means she may not have classes before 10am. It means she may have group project meetings after dinner, when she feels most productive. 

homeSCHOOL+ offers more than just academic support, which is why empowerED’s program stands out from the rest. empowerED believes in nurturing the whole child. Should any non-academic issues arise — like in Kaitlin’s case —, empowerED is here to help parents find the right services for their children and support them through any challenges. 

We at empowerED feel for you in this difficult time. We want to support you and alleviate this new burden to help you and your children succeed. The future is uncertain in so many aspects, but we want to make one part of it concrete: your child’s academic success. Just give us a call! We’ll give you one less thing to worry about. 

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