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Parent Consultations

empowerEd works directly with parents who need additional support. Whether you need help + guidance about a specific issue or require an in-depth strategic action plan, empowerED is available for one-time or ongoing parent consultations. Parent consultations may include, but are not limited to…

  • Problem solving your student’s academic needs.
  • Creating a success plan with actionable items for you to take + implement.
  • Assisting in finding the right solutions.
  • Helping create organizational systems for you and your student to implement.
  • Growing your tool bag with strategies to best assist your child.
  • Supporting you in implementing the customized plan into your and your child’s life.

It doesn’t matter if your student is working with us or not—we are here to support you whether you need a quick consultation to address a specific situation or ongoing support. empowerED’s founder + educational therapist, Nicole Kaplan, is also available to speak to parents, teachers, professionals, and private groups. See how to book Nicole here.

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