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Entertaining + Educational Holiday Gift Ideas To Support Students Unique Learning Needs

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With the holidays approaching, parents are beginning to consider gift options for their children. Parents know the feeling of seeing their child open a gift they love! 

Who’s to say that the gift they love cannot also promote learning. A gift a child loves to play can still be beneficial for their learning as well. 

Parents do not have to sacrifice fun for learning or vice versa. There are plenty of gift options that can provide entertainment and fun while still teaching children valuable skills.


Here are gift ideas to support children’s specific learning needs. 

Auditory Processing

Children who struggle with auditory processing may have a hard time understanding and/or following directions. 

Noisy environments may cause them to have a difficult time telling the difference between sounds and voices.

Gifts that can help a child who struggles in this area allow them to practice listening and paying attention in hectic and loud environments. 

With the gifts listed below, children will have fun and work on an important life skill simultaneously. 


Dyscalculia or a math deficit is a common struggle for children with a learning disability. 

These children have a hard time understanding and grasping math concepts. Over time, due to the constant struggle, math becomes more of a burden or fear.

Parents can supply their children with fun and entertaining gifts but still allow their child to develop their math skills. 

Below are gifts that do just that. Children will be working on their math skills and might not even know it!

Language processing

Children with a language processing delay or disorder have a hard time expressing their thoughts with their words. 

They might stumble while talking or seem disorganized when they speak. 

To support a child with their language processing, parents can use fun games and activities that allow the child to speak aloud. 

Games that work best have a structured framework but still allow the child to express their thoughts. 

Working Memory

Experts are known to say that memory is like a muscle. If a child is struggling with their memory and forgetting important information, they should be allowed the time to practice. 

Below are activities that are perfect for practicing memory!

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills are another skill that needs to be worked on frequently, especially for a child who is developmentally behind. 

Fine motor skills are the ability to move small muscles to achieve a specific outcome effectively. 

Any game or activity that gives a child the opportunity to practice fine movements with their hands or other body parts will increase skills. 

Over time, the more a child practices, the more improvement parents will see! 

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills include a variety of different cognitive processes that people utilize daily. 

It is common for children or adults with ADHD to struggle with executive functioning. 

Below are games that will support a child’s executive functioning growth. It is important to find gifts that will keep a child’s sustained focus and attention.

Financial Intelligence

Financial intelligence is an area often overlooked. As we grow older, it seems that financial literacy skills are expected to be acquired without much guidance. 

It does not have to be this way, and there are many ways to support a child’s growth in this area. 

Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities/Social Skills 

Children with learning disabilities can be affected in their ability to read and appropriately interact in different social situations. These are teachable skills and can be taught in engaging ways for children.

To teach specific skills, parents can utilize different games to help a child understand different social situations.

A perfect and fun gift for a child that struggles within this area can depend on the child’s area of growth. 

Below are multiple options for parents to explore to find the right one to support their child’s needs. 

Finding the right gift for a unique learner can be a difficult task. Before choosing a gift, parents can learn to understand how their child learns best and areas of growth. 

Any of the options above is a sure way of giving your child a memorable gift-opening experience!

Stay empowerED,

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