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Financial Literacy

Becoming financially literate and understanding how to manage money is a skillset that lasts a lifetime. Because it’s not taught in our education system, many students lack the knowledge and skills needed to become financially responsible—and financially free. 

empowerED knows money talks are highly charged conversations between parents + children. And there is a lot of fear around this topic. 

We’ve found that when kids are given a specific system their parents use, it may not work for them. We help each student create a fail proof system that works for them.

Not only will we show students, but they will also actively participate in creating a positive money mindset and a plan that works for them. 

empowerED offers one-on-one and group training to help students of all ages increase their financial intelligence. 

We teach concepts based on your students’ age + ability. Some of the topics may include the following: practical money skills, budgeting, managing money, saving, debt, building credit, applying for college loans, investing, how to make large purchases, and how to set and prioritize financial goals. 

Additionally if your family has specific needs you want addressed, we will create a customized one-on-one workshop. 

For parents who need support in this area, we also offer empowerED Hour MasterClasses to show you how to successfully speak with your children about money and how to teach financial intelligence, enabling your children to thrive later in life.

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