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504 + IEP Advocacy

It can be frustrating when your child is falling behind, failing to achieve grade-level expectations, has problems focusing or being organized, and is starting to show signs of anxiety or frustration.

You may have called to discuss your concerns with the teachers or the principal, but you keep hitting dead ends. Meanwhile, grades are starting to fall, and your child is beginning to act out, crumble, or shut down.

You don’t know what to do or where to turn. Sound familiar?

Learning concerns take many forms for students with learning differences. Ensuring your child’s rights are protected is one of them.

One student’s journey is different from another. Having an advocate will help decipher what plan and direction are best for you.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the process–whether you’ve had your student tested and the school is not cooperating or you suspect your child has a learning disability, we gotcha covered.

As 504 + IEP advocates, we help you navigate the school system, inform you on the laws and parent rights, and get your child support through the IEP + 504 Plan process.


An IEP, or Individualized Education Program, maps out the special education instruction, supports, and services a student needs to thrive in school.

504 Plan

A 504 Plan ensures that a child with a disability identified under the law receives support that promotes academic success + access to the learning environment.

Having an Advocate Ensures Your Child’s Individual Needs Are Met

empowerED’s advocate guides you through the special education process and informs you of your and your child’s legal rights. Our advocate works with you and the school intervention team to ensure an appropriate Individualized Educational Plan is designed to meet the student’s unique needs.

Our advocate also assists in helping you understand assessment reports and provides you with options on how to request additional services through meetings or due process.

We do not provide legal advice. If it gets to the point where you need an attorney, we will guide you in the right direction. Keep in mind, the statute of limitations is two years, and you will not be able to go back past two years.

empowerED’s advocate…

  • Reviews and explains your child’s educational records (including evaluations and testing).
  • Conducts interviews with parents and/or students.
  • Explains and suggests services available to your student and what your rights are under IDEA law to receive these services.
  • Works with you and the school as a team to plan the IEPs or 504s.
  • Ensures the school is following the plan set forth.

Stay empowerED

Discover more about IEP + 504 Plans and why having an advocate on your side helps the process.

Critical IEP and 504 Information

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) it is stated,the capacity to obtain academic training for students diagnosed with impairments are adversely affected and 

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