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Educational and skill building workshops for students + parents.

empowerED Hour MasterClasses~ For Parents

While parental support and participation are vital to your student’s success, we understand you need support of your own. Our powerful virtual MasterClasses cover everything from understanding how to best parent a child with learning disabilities to dealing with stress at school and home—all with the goal to help you become more empowerED.   

Topics vary, and participants have the opportunity to ask questions and get professional advice. 

Student Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops for students of all ages. Put your own group together or inquire about our upcoming workshops. Workshops range from 2 to 6 students.

Upcoming MasterClasses

Tips + Tricks to Help with Executive Functioning Skills at Home

Why It’s Important to Utilize 504 and IEP Services

Knowledge Is Power: Importance of Pre + Post Academic Assessments

Slow Processing Speed: What It Looks Like & How to Help

Sensory Integration Dysfunction: How to Recognize It & Help Your Child Thrive

Autism & Asperger’s: Tips for Home and School

Technology & Apps to Help Kids Manage Schoolwork At School & At Home

Upcoming Workshops​

Book Clubs

Building Social Skills

Financial Literacy

How to Study for Tests

Math Workshops

  • Foundational Math
  • Word Problems
  • Math Vocabulary

Writing Workshops

  • Writing Mechanics
  • Paragraph/Essay
  • Structure Report Writing


Register for empowerED’s Workshops

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