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6 Benefits of Studying for the SAT or ACT exams in Small Groups

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Although one-on-one test prep tutoring has its benefits, a small group setting also has its advantages. 

Organizing small study sessions helps improve learning.

Students involved in small group study sessions will be building more than just academic skills. They will also be improving their social skills, confidence, and overall mental wellbeing. 

Holds Learners Accountable

By taking accountability for learning, students can learn valuable life lessons. Joining a study group, students hold themselves accountable and help encourage other students from procrastinating. They often fear embarrassment, so they come prepared for the study session. These sessions put students in charge of their learning.

When attending a small group study session, all learners must participate.  Many leaders of the study sessions split responsibilities amongst the group. Other group members may be upset if a learner arrives in the study session unprepared, and other group members may be hesitant to include them in the group moving forward. 

When students find ways to hold themselves accountable, such as joining a study group, they will see an increase in their academic performance and learn lessons they can carry with them into adulthood. 

Fill in Learning Gaps

Small group study sessions allow learners to help one another fill in learning gaps. Students in the group can compare notes and speak with one another about confusing topics or what they have learned. 

Different students have different strengths. Small group study sessions will allow students to learn from others’ strengths while getting a chance to demonstrate their strengths. 

A student who might not be able to sustain focus during class instruction may use study sessions to complete class notes they might have missed. 

Learn New Study Skills

Teachers can only teach so much to their students about study skills and study habits while still trying to cover their curriculum. By enrolling in a small group study session, students expose themselves to new study habits from their peers.

Finding the proper study habit that works for you can take some time. Seeing how other students study is a positive way to learn different techniques to try in the future. 

When attending a small group study session, students will have the opportunity to create a habit of putting time aside to focus on their academics. 

Having a study session in their schedule allows students to learn the importance of being disciplined in their academic achievement. 

Allows for Collaboration

In the working world, employers look for individuals with developed collaboration skills. They want their employees to work as a team and be open to constructive criticism and feedback. 

Small group study sessions will allow group members to collaborate on shared topics and develop different ideas. 

Group members will also need to communicate study session times, making sure it works for everyone. Doing so will help build time management skills and schedule with others in mind.

Builds Communication Skills

In addition to collaboration skills, employers want their future employees to have solid communication skills. Communication skills are necessary for most career and professional settings. 

Facilitating a study group with multiple members gives individuals an opportunity to hone in on their communication skills. They practice new communication techniques with their group members or dial in what they need to improve.

Assists in Building Confidence

Throughout our teenage and early adult years, we hear about the importance of getting involved in group activities. Joining a study group is a positive way to meet new people and build confidence.  

Building confidence is an essential part of adolescence and experiencing new things, such as a study group, is a positive way to achieve this.

 Small group conversations foster individuals to share and learn new things about one another and allow their true self shine through while they are around their peers. You might find something new about yourself and build confidence simultaneously. 

Joining a small group study session will undoubtedly benefit an individual’s academic success, but there are many benefits other than academic growth. 

Students in study sessions can support their development within their social ability, confidence and improve their overall mental wellness.

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