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empowerED’s homeschool services are tailored to fit your family’s needs and student’s specific learning style. The empowerED team works closely with families to help create an appropriate scenario and find the right homeschool curriculum for each individual student. When appropriate, our educational therapists and/or learning specialists are incorporated into the daily curriculum for additional support and remediation. We take into account the potential need to fit outside specialists as well and incorporate them into the day when necessary. Each program is custom-tailored to your child’s and your specific needs. Our homeschool services can be conducted one on one or in a group setting via Zoom, or in person if you are in the West Los Angeles or greater Nashville areas. empowerED can assist in the following ways:

  • Help you select the right homeschool program for your student.
  • Assist signing up with a homeschool program, and ensure it’s compliant with the public school in your neighborhood.
  • Execute the entire homeschool program for your student(s).
  • Facilitate specific areas of study with one of our teachers in person or on Zoom.
  • Provide additional support to homeschool curriculum for students with learning disabilities, including remediation or executive functioning training.

Our learning specialists are sensitive to social + emotional issues. If your child is having mental health issues, we coordinate with appropriate professionals to ensure your child receives the help they need.

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