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 empowerED’s holistic approach to homeschooling

students in today's academic landscape


At empowerED we have been homeschooling since before the pandemic struck. But now, families all around the world are being forced to rethink traditional educational expectations due to the global pandemic and its ramifications. 


This is why we’ve created homeSCHOOL+. 


We provide support for your child’s academic, social, and emotional journey. We help to fill in any gaps in the child’s education while simultaneously using an accredited curriculum reflecting mandated standards. We want to meet your child where they are in their educational journey and help them move forward confidently.


homeSCHOOL+ offers a unique opportunity,providing your child with an education catered to their needs. Educational therapy is a part of the homeSCHOOL+ program.  In addition to our general education curriculum, we incorporate psychological, occupational, and speech therapy. Whether it’s to prepare your child to transition to a traditional school setting or to fit our modern extenuating circumstances, homeSCHOOL+ has it covered! By providing academic flexibility in terms of pace and approach, homeSCHOOL+ also allows for adapted educational rigor.