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subject tutoring

empowerED offers tutoring for grade school students through college either via Zoom sessions or in person in the West Los Angeles area.

Whether your student needs support in a specific subject, AP classes or tutoring in general, we are committed to helping students fill the gaps of what they are missing in the classroom.

After our initial consultation, the student is matched with the appropriate tutor.

The benefit of seeing an empowerED tutor is that our educational therapist + learning specialists on staff guide tutors on how to reach their students using various methods.


While more and more schools no longer require ACT + SAT test scores, some still do. Leaving your student’s options open and having a test score available is advised. Better safe than sorry!

empowerED offers both ACT + SAT test prep tutoring designed to raise scores and build confidence.

Our expert test prep tutors work closely with students to help them understand the test content and formulate test-day strategies to increase standardized test scores. All sessions are conducted through individual Zoom sessions.

For students who want their college applications to really stand out, empowerED also offers college application essay writing.

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Set Your Student Up for College Entrance Success

Contact us today for a free, 15-minute consultation to see how our ACT + SAT test prep tutoring services can increase your student’s chance of getting into a college of choice.