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My child has a hard time with reading, what are some things I can try at home? 


When a student comes to see me for reading issues I will need to figure out where the breakdown in “reading” is happening.  If you have had testing done I will be able to tell from that.  If not, I will ask your child a series of questions about his/her reading struggles. In most cases this gives me a clear picture of what is going on and can easily make a game plan from there. The task of reading is broken down into several different components; phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, eye tracking and fluency.  Even when one of those is components is what is challenging for your child it will most likely affect reading all together. Thanks for your question Jill.  I hope this helps.  Feel free to contact me for more information.


My daughter forgets to turn in homework, how can I help them? 

Hi Holly, thank you for your important question.  I get this one a lot.  Each child has their “breakdown” at different points.  through a series of questions I can figure out where that is and create a plan for them.  Organization and consistency are key factors and the first place to start. It is important to remember every person will have a sys team that works for them. For example, with my 14 year old son I begged and pleaded for him to write his assignments down in his planner with notes.  He would not do it.  I even (dare I say) “bribed” him.  That just set him up for failure and took a toll on his self esteem. Although technology isn’t my favorite form of planning, this is what worked best for him and what he was realistically going to be able to do.  We want to set our children up for success regardless what that looks like. So, to answer your question I would recommend you send her to an educational therapist to help her explore what system for remembering to turn in homework would help her.  I would also like to add that role modeling organized behavior will absolutely help her.  I hope this helped a little and would be more than happy to explore this topic further with you. 


What are the best studying techniques? 

Thank you for your question Allison. This is actually a tricky question as I would need some more information to give specifics.  Year in school and what type of tests.  When I am working with a student we explore different sturdy techniques for different types of tests.  Multi-choice differs form short answers which differs from reading comp, which differs from an in class essay...and so on and so on. In general, and for example, it is better to hand write note cards rather than doing them on Quizlet (although I do like Quizlet for some students), but our brains do remember things better when they are hand written vs. typed.  I also want to stress studying for tests is a process.  The whole process should be starting once homework assignment begins and these techniques will differ depending on the subject.  I hope this helps a little and please feel free to reach out for more specific answers to your child’s specific needs.

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