bye-bye summer...hello school

August 1st, 2019

It is hard to believe summer is actually coming to an end so rapidly. My 14 year old starts his freshman year of high school in two weeks from today and my daughters will be heading back for their second year of college just a couple weeks after.   One flying to Indiana  (go hoosiers!) and the other making her way back up Berkeley (go bears!) . Oy!  Where did the time go?

Time for us parents to get our act in gear and start thinking about fall schedules. As much as I cherish a carefree summer, I thrive on structure and look forward to having a consistent reliable schedule.  Believe it or not, kids need that too.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying schedule them back to back with activities. That would be counter productive...over scheduling is never a good idea.  Do you like it when you are over scheduled?  I sure don't. Managing time is an art form and it is tricky to do for or with others while maintaining a fluid schedule for yourself.  The key is balance and not to forget down time as part of that equation.  There are only so many hours in a day, most of them spent at school. Other necessities include homework, sleep  (8.5-11 hours depending on age), self care, dinner and activity.  Sheesh...I am tired just thinking about squeezing that all in.Bye

Once a balanced schedule is planned the next step would be to make sure your kids have all the right materials for their individual needs.  Just because Lily requires something, doesn't mean Isabel or Zander will need it or visa versa. The one common thread is an academic planner. All success begins with that. I most definitely prefer it be a written planner, but if I know one of my clients will absolutely not  use it, an electronic planner is the next best thing.  I have been in search of a really great one and have yet to find the perfect one, but the one I use for my clients is myHomework. If anyone out there is a techie and wants to partner up on the best academic planner yet, I am your gal!  

Good luck with the start of school, send me your questions and be on the lookout for updates and some suggestions after school has started!  Until then soak up the rest of summer, enjoy and relax...Nicole

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