pay it forward 

The bond between humans and animals is truly special, which in these times is especially important. Animals are widely beneficial in the well being of a human, offering love and companionship when things get hard. 

Exposure to companion animals can help ease anxiety with every member of the family and is a nice distraction from everything going on around us. The social support a pet provides can make a person feel more relaxed and decrease stress. Humans can give each other social support as well, however, with this social distancing, pet's can offer the same social support. 

For my family, we already had adopted our beloved dog, Chapo, however, we just added a new member to our family! We wanted to support a local shelter and our four-legged friends and adopted a wonderful dog named Nacho. Chapo and Nacho are helping keep the family calm and are easing our stress. 


With this global pandemic, shelters are struggling more than ever. Animals are going to feel it just like the people, with fewer people coming in to adopt and visit the animals.  Some shelters are closing for the time being, while others are staying open with the hopes of people going in to adopt an animal for companionship. In this stand-still time, it's important to support and help the ones around you and what better way than helping our four-legged friends through donating and adopting!

Here are some other ways to help out that do not involve four-legged friends:


How You Can Help Victims of the Coronavirus Pandemic