-what you need to succeed-




Every item listed has been properly vetted.  I do things for a reason and with a purpose.  As I find more useful tools I will add them to  this page.  Feel free to contact me with any questions and keep checking back!

supplies for your at home office

computer accessories

blue light glasses

to connect a usb camera to an iPad

web camera

helpful tools for ADHD

more comfortable seating options

weighted blanket

desk supplies

fill this caddy with workplace items

different tasks require different types of post it notes

for your stapling needs


academic planners

HINT: the only hint is...there is no hint. Run don't walk & get this planner. In all my research I  have found nothing better.

Success and efficiency start right here.

 8.5 x 11 inches
8.25x8.50 inches
bookmark for spiral notebooks (paper notebooks and planners)

binders, dividers & beyond

HINT: one binder for each core class, color-coding is key

rubber edges last MORE than a year...no more buying binders every semester

HINT: you will need one set of plastic dividers with pockets for every binder. You can choose between 5 or 8 tabs. Generally high school students benefit from having 8 tabs. Be sure to label all the tabs (a few examples...homework, notes, study guides, long term projects & papers, study materials, test & quizzes, paper )

5 tabs
8 tabs

 alternative approach

HINT: These systems are alternative organizational methods and not for everyone, but for those who require something other than a traditional binder for each class one of these options can be very effective and efficient.  Be sure to label accordingly  (same as above suggestions)

includes paper
25 pocket
 high school 
13 pocket
 middle school
organizing practice for elementary school students
for electives that do not have much paperwork...very durable


HINT: reinforced holes on loose leaf paper keeps the headache away. If you chose to purchase the accordion alternative approach, be sure to purchase one notebooks per subject to put into the accordion file.

three hole reinforced binder paper 

one subject spiral notebooks

cornell template notebook...best note taking system for  heavy content classes (history & science)

graph paper notebook...In my opinion, the only paper for math problems
protect important papers
(ones that need to be turned in)

backpack & workspace

HINT: these items should be readily available for a students'

 (or anyone for that matter) in their BACKPACK and WORKSPACE.  No excuses to get up! 

some like mechanical others like wood
some prefer thin tip others prefer a thicker one
we all make make mistakes...my personal faves 
HINT:for backpack

 let's get organized

HINT: organization isn't about perfection. It is about efficiency reducing stress and clutter,  saving time and money,   and improving your overall quality of life. 

Christina Scalise

HINT:keep these in your workspace

if you do not have a set work space, this caddy becomes a portable office. Fill it with all workplace items
my personal fave...so powerful
different tasks require different types of post it notes...regardless the task, they are essential 

test preparation & studying essentials

HINT: studying for a test begins the minute a book opens. Rereading is not studying and is a complete waste of time. When using note cards, which should be made the first time reading the material, be sure cards and dividers are properly labeled and organized. It is efficient and saves time leaving more time to actively study for a test.

HINT:keep these in your workspace too

important to be able to hold things together in different ways

must have student resources 

HINT:I can't say enough about every one of these resources,  a must have in every students library.

valuable parent resources

HINT: I know, who has the time to read? Not me! I don't only recommend audiobooks for students with comprehension and language based challenges, I recommend them for the on-the-go parent who still wants to learn how to help their children.

tech goodies

HINT: As for the label maker and refill tape, two words:  A must (in my opinion). For the others, I will be honest...I have not personally tried these, what seem to be super cool gadgets, however I have heard they are quite helpful for individuals who have difficulty taking in class notes.  Putting it on my list of things to try....please stay tuned!

skill building

HINT this section is a work in progress and will post as opportunities arises. Please send me inquiries on my blog stating the student's age and skill you are looking to build. Look for my recommendation within the next few days.