weeklry planner 

Following a schedule helps facilitate less chaos for all.  I recommend filling the attached chart out with each child and I challenge the adults of the house to make one as well. Most people thrive with some form of predictability.  A schedule helps one feel a sense of control particularly in this where there is no control.

  • Meet as a family + agree on a daily pattern for meals, work, and activities for everyone. 

  • At family dinner, take the time to express gratitude + address anyones fears/concerns, logistical problems or conflict early.

  • Put chore charts in an agreed upon place. Clarify expectations + have designated assignments. A team approach breeds success. 

  • Enjoy cooking meals together, play games, and go for family walks. 

  • Create tech-free each day.  Consider unplugging the router? 

  • Be sure to set up times to FaceTime with family and friends you have not been able to see but love.


See the Sample schedule below.  Everyone's schedule will look different. I have attached a PDF for you to print and fill out at home.  If you would like the doc sent to you please message me and I will send.